The coverage of the activities of RSNTTD is carried out on all the areas of the work of the organization: posting relevant information on its official site:; publishing of magazines devoted to NDT and TD: "Monitoring. Diagnostics", "NDT Territory", as well as textbooks, books, monographs and reference books. The organization cooperates on a regular basis with other print media, Internet resources, including international portals in the field of NDT, which is done with a view to raise awareness among the professional community about the work of RSNTTD, its members and partners.

«NDT Territory» Magazine

«NDT Territory» Magazine is a joint project of national NDT Societies of 11 countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Latvia, Moldavia, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Israel. The magazine issues 4 times a year with a circulation of more than 5000 copies and is free for its readers.

It is the first international mass produced information magazine devoted to NDT aimed at a very wide range of Russian-speaking specialists from various countries.

«Monitoring and Diagnostics» Magazine

“Monitoring and Diagnostics Magazine publishes scientific and methodological articles written by the leading Russian and foreign scientists and industry representatives. Its articles are devoted to NDT and TD methods, equipment and technologies, their introduction, development and application.

The magazine is included in the national information and analytical system - the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RINC)

Identification number of the edition: ISSN 0201-7032.