The recent intensive industrial development is increasing expectations of specialists’ qualifications, especially of those specialists who are in charge of safety of large and hazardous facilities. That is exactly what makes certification of specialists and establishment of NDT certification centers an integral part of the development of the sphere of NDT and TD. For this purpose, the system of voluntary certification of personnel in the sphere of NDT and TD of Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics was introduced.

The SVCPNT RSNTTD was registered in the Unified Register of Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency (РОСС RU.К251.04ЮН01).

The SVCPNT RSNTTD was recognized by EFNDT under terms of the multilateral agreement of 02.06.1997 on recognition of systems for certification of NDT personnel

RSNTTD and JSC “STC “Industrial Safety” signed a collaboration agreement on 31/08/2011 approved by the Board of RSNTTD on 19/10/2011, in accordance with which the central administrative functions of the SVCPNT RSNTTD are performed by “STC “Industrial Safety”.

The areas of certification of NDT specialists were defined on the basis of the demands of the society. Personnel certification and evaluation is currently administered in the following industrial sectors: